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The Conjuring

Everything Is Vague Until You Make It Precise

An exhibition by The Hospital for Dazed Art

The Briggait Project Spaces, Wasps, Glasgow

10|02|14 - 14|02|14


Amy Marletta | Andrew Cranston | Anna Orton | Del Whitticase | Ellen Munro | Ellie Harrison | Emma Pratt | Oliver Braid | Sara Sinclair


The Hospital for Dazed Art is a series of conversations and informal surgeries initiated by Iain Sturrock and Delia Baillie that explores why artists (secretly) retain certain works in their studios for years at a time without publically showing / recycling / or trashing them, and what this means in terms of editorial integrity. The exhibition at The Briggait will showcase nine artists whom The Hospital has worked with during 2012 and 2013.

Please click on document below for the selected transcripts that accompany Everything is Vague Until You Make It Precise

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