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Strange Loop

A Captain Lightfoot Exhibition

EX14, Dresden, Germany

01|04|16 - 7|04|16

Strange Loop is a group exhibition by collective Captain Lightfoot. In collaboration with Gallery X14, Captain Lightfoot will present new works by its three founders, Anneli Holmstrom, Emma Pratt and Kadie Salmon alongside the Dresden based artist Maximilian Stulhen


Strange Loop, will explore the concept of symbolism and narrative in relation to sculptural form. The focus will be on the individual object: exploring the shifting narrative structures present within sculptures and their occupied space. To do this the invited artists will consider how the assemblage and alteration of physical components within an artwork affects and distorts its inherent symbolic components. Like words in a sentence, that when reshuffled, form new meanings, the show strives for a curatorial device to examine the transient state of narrative in relation to the sculptural form itself: by means of a physical process. 


The new works of each artist will be reassembled daily over the course of the exhibition, inviting viewers to re-visit the shifting works and forge new readings from each new alteration.


EX14, Königsbrücker Strasse 6a, 01099 , Dresden

Opening: 1st April 2016, 7pm–11pm 

Open daily: 2nd - 8th April 3 - 6pm

Artist Talk: 7th April 3pm (moderated by art historian Friedrike Segler).


This project is support by The Henry Moore Foundation


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