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Something to Answer For

Group show at Wiensowski & Harbord, Berlin, Germany

July 2008


Kate Andrews| Heather Benning | Annie Cattrell | Bridget Gorman | Andrea Roe | Johannes Sailer| KadieSalmon | Lucy Keany | Roja Aslani | Aaron Juarros | Michelle Linnane | Francesca Nobilucci | Emma Pratt | Shona Macnaughton | Kadie Salmon


Text by Kate Andrews

For one weekend only: Gallerie Wiensowski & Harbord brings you a cross-continental Künste-extravaganza:

In what will be the first leg of this Deutsch-Schottischen Freundschaft; Profs. Christiane Moebus and Andrea Roe bring together die Universität der Künste Berlin and Edinburgh College of Art with the help of budget airlines and a thirst for exchange of ideas.

Twenty-four minds collide in the opulent setting of Wiensowski & Harbord as it prepares to draw its shutters on leafy Goethestraße. This is no closing-down sale however: Outwith the art-institution (which requires of the Künstler a constant stream of self-justification) Something to Answer For perfectly captures the zeitgeist of this meeting of minds. Here, the master and the apprentice; the newbie and the seasoned professional; the Currywurst and the deep-fried Mars bar take an equal footing.

Expect to see work of an outstanding natural beauty made with efficiency and Präzision (which can be neatly stowed in the overhead lockers).

No doubt, questions will be raised, as for the answers? Come and judge for yourselves.

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