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No Heroics, Please

A Captain Lightfoot Exhibition

The Crypt, St Pancras Chrurch, Euston

22|03|13 - 27|03|13

In 2013 Captain Lightfoot presented their first exhibition No Heroics, Please (funded by the Hope Scott Trust) to a London audience at the Crypt Gallery, Euston. With its beautiful and eerie architecture of low arches, maze-like corridors, brick walls and ruined-tombs; dominantly but peacefully sharing its history and stories with whoever enters, the crypt acted as a most striking and intimate location to explore the relationship between space, artwork and the viewer.  No Heroics, Please evolved in to an exploration of how an art work can stand by itself as a self-contained object whilst simultaneously absorbing and playing with or against the distinct characters and essence of the building it occupies. The overall affect was one, whereby, the viewer acted as an explorer navigating his/her way down spot lit corridors and archways; stumbling across or being confronted by the art works as if they were a relic that made up part of the historic skeleton of the building itself. However on further inspection the content of each art work acted as a rhythmic disruption to the overall narrative of the exhibition; offering its own individual 'chapter/story' for the viewer to consider and unfold.

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