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Tutte Le Strade Portano Altrove

Commission Creatività per le Strade di Roma

Giardino degli Aranci, Rome, Italy

19|05|11 - 29|05|11


Umberto Angelini | Enrico Ascoli | Massimiliano Bomba | Marco Botti | Cristian Chironi | Marta Dell'Angelo | Lorenzo Gigotti | Yaron Lapid

Miriam Mirolla | Michele Manfellotto | Gruppo Nanou | Fabio Novembre | Emma Pratt| Santasangre | Anastasia Vasileiou.


"MyAtelier is an open-air gallery which welcomes all forms of contemporary creativity and socialisation with site specific projects. 15 artists were invited to show their work in individual atelier-cubes. Each atelier was sited in select locations around the city of Rome.

The whole event was a work-in-progress, made of experimentation and creativity".


The atelier-cubes were designed by Ludovica Colizzi, Francesco Costa and Ottavia Lello.


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